What is acai? (and how do you pronounce it?)


Acai??... (Pronounced “Ah-sigh-ee”)

Everyone knows what Acai Bowls are, as they are becoming more and more popular throughout the wellness community.  But most people don’t know what Acai really is or what impact it makes on your body.  Acai berries are much like their fruit counterpart, the grape.  They’re about ¾ seed and ¼ the delicious flesh packed with extreme amounts of nutrients for your body.  A few of the nutrients within Acai are Antioxidants, Fiber, “Good” Fats, and Calcium.

“So Toastique, why your Acai Bowls?”  Our bowls are designed to create a variety of flavors in your taste buds that will leave you constantly scooping for more.  Our bowl design allows you to enjoy the fruit and acai mixture at the top and enjoy that mixture with granola and remaining fruit at the bottom.  We want every bite to be just as savory as the last.