About Our Founder


Toastique was envisioned and created...

by founder Brianna Keefe. From a young age, Brianna has been passionate about food, nutrition and fitness in all its forms, which overtime transitioned into a passion and love for clean living. In high school she made smoothies & juice everyday, this sparking the dream of owning her own health cafe. In college, being a D1 athlete, she quickly learned how important it was to have wholesome meals throughout the day to keep her energy up while on the go. Day in day out, Brianna expanded her original avocado toast, to various toast creations to accommodate her busy schedule anytime of the day.

Brianna appreciates beauty in a simple and honest form.  She takes the color of the fresh, crisp produce, mixes it with her passion and love of healthy living to create the beautiful delicacies of Toastique.